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WebDAV; Web Distritubted Authoring and Versioning is an extended platform of HTTP that allows users to perform content authorting operation remotely. Primary function of WebDAV is storing and distributing data surrounding internet. Additionally backend operation lets WebDAV perform various value added works without manual operation. For instance, photos stored in WebDAV are processed to adjust format, size, quality, etc. Processed data flows toward a desired location including external clouds. WebDAV has fundmental layer based on standard web protocols and business layer to fulfill usser's workflows inside server side (backend). Best charming point of WebDAV is every works could be done within any browser.

Documents Archives

As an example of WebDAV operation, Project Documents Archives is working under WebDAV platform. Documents with various formats are collected and stacked in data. Without proper classification and sorting, documents are rarely used and user might collect the same documents at every time. To classify and sort effectively, Business layer (performed by Python) analyzes all the documents that user put in a designated location. According to analyzed results, documents are sorted with topic and keywords. WebDAV provides the organized archives and user can search with keyword or browser with classified directories.

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Publish Yourself

Data triggers workflow with automations


Stranger than Meson

Publish quotes from Wiki or Facebook including June's

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Saddle in Ripple

Post articles conveyed from tweet simultaneously as soon as it buzzs

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iWork: reasonomics

Starred article from Feedly is sent to blog operated by WordPress

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Meson's TubeBox

Thumbed up video from YouTube is posted automatically in Tumblr

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